Java XML diff toolkit
21:17, 13 Dec 2001 UTC | Bijan Parsia

Joining the swelling ranks of tools for generating deltas between XML documents, VMTools is a new open source Java toolkit.

Features include:

  • cost optimizer finds differences in document oriented XML as quickly as in data-oriented XML
  • sample programs show "diff" and "patch" style functionality in a few dozen lines each
  • web-based DifferenceGenerator and PatchApplicator available online
  • builds on JDOM
  • XPath subset implementation

VMTools is available for download under an Apache-like open source license.

Re: Java XML diff toolkit (Klaus Mayr - 07:56, 8 Apr 2003)

is it true? what can we do? what needs to be done?

Re: Java XML diff toolkit (Roseanne Zhang - 20:34, 17 Jan 2003)

The "VM Tools" Java Diff is almost totally useless. Sorry to say that. I use one of their example13.xml, and made one text change and added only one simple element. The diff I got from any other text diff tools was exact two lines. However, the VM Tools gave me incredible amount of bogus diffs.

I've not read the source code, and not plan to read either. However, I'm pretty sure it did not use the tree (graph) structure to do the XML diff. Otherwise, the result I got would be impossible.

Thanks! Roseanne

Re: Java XML diff toolkit (Jakob Jenkov - 13:29, 20 Dec 2001)

Will there be a release out capable of using dom4j ??

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