New book, tutorials and reference: ebXML, Python/XML, Relax NG
10:52, 28 Nov 2001 UTC | Edd Dumbill

Wrox have published Professional ebXML Foundations; IBM developerWorks have released two (1, 2) Python & XML tutorials, and Zvon have created a reference to Relax NG.

Following Wrox's zoo style of authorship, Professional ebXML Foundations author list includes many who were closely involved with the development of ebXML. The book covers:

  • An overview of electronic business and the interrelation of the ebXML framework components

  • Modeling business processes and documents with ebXML BPSS, UMM, and XML Schemas

  • Defining trading profiles and setting up collaborative agreements with ebXML CPP/CPA

  • Attracting and discovering business partners using ebXML Registry/Repository or UDDI

  • Creating business message payloads using ebXML Core Components, XML, and non-XML content

  • Transporting messages using ebXML Messaging Services, SOAP, JMS, and JAXM

  • Implementing secure, flexible ebXML solutions

DeveloperWorks' two tutorials, Python and XML development using 4Suite, Part 1: PyXml and Python and XML development using 4Suite, Part 2: 4XPath and 4XSLT, are written by Fourthought's Uche and Chimezie Ogbuji.

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