Rogue Wave release XML tuple space implementation
14:45, 20 Nov 2001 UTC | Edd Dumbill

Ruple is a technology that allows disparate applications to collaborate, and is an implementation of Linda tuple spaces.

Patrick Thompson of Rogue Wave explains:

It can be thought of as a network shared memory and is similar, in many respects, to JavaSpaces and TSpaces. The difference is that in those frameworks you write and read serialized Entry objects to and from the space; with Ruple you exchange XML documents through the space. XML documents are read or taken from the space by specifying an XML Query.

Thompson adds that access is provided by a SOAP interface to the XML space, and that document access is targeted and secured via the use of digital certificates. XML spaces provide for a loosely-coupled means of communication, and together with encryption could provide a suitable means of communication for business over the Internet.

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