Release 1.2 of Jena Java RDF API and toolkit
08:21, 5 Oct 2001 UTC | Edd Dumbill

Brian McBride has announced the latest release of Jena, which incorporates a query language (RDQL) and support for DAML ontologies.

The Jena API for manipulating RDF is at the heart of the growing support for Semantic Web technologies at HP Labs. As well as the above-mentioned improvements, Jena 1.2 includes a new RDF parser compliant with the latest decisions of the RDF Core working group, a persistent storage module based on Berkeley DB, and support for other storage implementations.

McBride writes concerning this release:

The current release, 1.2.0, is a preview release. We hope it as stable and functional as jena always has been and should be backward compatible with previous releases. In the next release we would like to make various changes, such as cleaning up some features of the API and shortening the package names, which will require changes to existing code.

He adds that comments are welcome to the Jena-dev mailing list.

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