Python/Apache dynamic XML web environment
17:44, 5 Sep 2001 UTC | Edd Dumbill

Sam Brauer has annouced the release of maki 1.1.0, the latest version of his dynamic XML web serving environment that utilizes Apache and mod_python.

Maki takes an approach to page generation not dissimilar to that of Cocoon, and may be interesting to those who prefer a Python-based environment. From the project introduction:

A web developer can specify that the XML data be processed or transformed through any number of steps. Each step is either a stylesheet transformation or a custom process. A processor that evaluates embedded Python code is included. The output of each step is passed as the input to the next step (similar to a Unix pipe).

Maki supports both the native-Python XSLT transformer 4XSLT, and also the Sablotron C++-based XSLT engine.

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