RDF update: Query, XTM, Web Ontology and RDF Core
08:08, 3 Sep 2001 UTC | Edd Dumbill

A round-up of recent developments in the RDF and Semantic Web world.

  • Libby Miller has posted notes from the RDF Query BOF at the recently held Semantic Web Working Symposium.

  • Nikita Ogievetsky has made available slides from his recent presentation at the Extreme Markup conference, XML Topic Maps through RDF Glasses, in which he showed how XTM could be implemented in RDF.

  • Dan Connolly has invited discussion on www-rdf-interest about the charter of the proposed Web Ontology Working Group. The WebOnt group is chartered to design an onotology language that "builds on current Web languages that allow the specification of classes and subclasses, properties and subproperties (such as RDFS), but which extends these constructs to allow more complex relationships between entities." For more information, see Connolly's announcement of the Working Group and the WebOnt WG home page.

  • Brian McBride has announced the availability of the wonderfully detailed minutes of the W3C RDF Core WG face-to-face meeting at the beginning of August. In his announcement, McBride took the opportunity to provide an update on the Working Group's progress. Among the decisions made were that:
    • anonymous resources are indeed part of the RDF model, not just syntactic entities
    • the model theory will be defined for RDF graphs, not n-triples.
    • multiple domain and range constraints are permissable and will have conjunctive semantics and this issue is now closed.
    • subProperties inherit conjunctively the domain and range of their superproperties

    He concluded by noting that the WG were now working on preparing three working drafts: RDF model, RDF syntax and a test cases draft.

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