Xalan C++, Xerces 2 updates
15:35, 28 Aug 2001 UTC | Edd Dumbill

The Apache XML Project have released updates to the C++ version of XSLT processor Xalan, and the next generation of their Java XML parser, Xerces 2.

Xalan C++ 1.2 includes the following improvements over version 1.1:

  • support for and library of extension functions
  • support for pre-parsed source documents and precompiled stylesheets
  • support for stylesheet parameters
  • performance enhancements

Xerces 2.0.0 beta 2 is the second beta release of a redesigned and reimplemented Xerces-J. Andy Clark writes:

Xerces2 is a nearly complete rewrite of the Xerces 1.x codebase in order to make the code cleaner, more modular, and easier to maintain. Applications using only the standard interfaces such as JAXP, DOM, and SAX should not see any differences.

Xerces2 has support for XML 1.0; Namespaces; DOM 2.0 (including events, traversal, and range); SAX 2.0; and JAXP 1.1. Xerces2 does not yet support XML Schema and has removed support for the deferred DOM implementation.

The code can be downloaded from the Apache XML distribution site.

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