RELAX tools updated for RELAX NG
14:07, 22 Aug 2001 UTC | Simon St.Laurent

Versions 0.14.2 of Relaxer and VBRELAXNG continue the upgrade of tools for RELAX to support for RELAX NG.

Asami Tomoharu's announcement for Relaxer 0.14.1, a Java tool for creating objects from XML, stated that:

"This version also supports a preliminary implementation for RELAX NG! Please check sampleNG directory of the distribution. Although the version supports just small subset of RELAX NG functionality, next generation Relaxer is scheduled to support all the functionality of RELAX NG."

The announcement for Relaxer 0.14.2 notes that "RELAX NG facility is slightly improved".

On the Visual Basic side, Yonekura Koji announced that VBRELAX is now VBRELAXNG:

"VBRELAXNG which is RELAX NG Verifier of the Microsoft COM version was released....And RELAX NG Workshop for testing each sample shown by RELAX NG Tutorial was created."

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