New release for Redfoot RDF database/viewer/editor framework
08:49, 15 Aug 2001 UTC | Michael Smith

James Tauber and Dan 'eikeon' Krech have released version 0.9.9 of Redfoot, an open-source Python-based database/viewer/editor framework for RDF that includes "the beginnings of a peer-to-peer architecture for communication between different RDF databases". The release notes indicate that:

this version is a complete rewrite from the ground up and has a much cleaner architecture that will support the continuing development of Redfoot well into 1.x and beyond.

0.9.9 should be viewed as a beta for 1.0 (to be released in the first half of September). We would appreciate as much feedback on 0.9.9 as possible to help make 1.0 as stable and easy to use as possible.

Redfoot is a SourceForge project; you can check out the source code from SourceForge's CVS server, or browse it using their Web-based CVS interface.

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