SAXPath Java API for XPath parsing
18:15, 29 Jul 2001 UTC | Edd Dumbill

Bob McWhirter has announced the most recent beta of SAXPath, an API specification and Java implementation for parsing XPath expressions.

SAXPath reports grammar productions in the form of call-back events, in a manner similar to that used by the SAX API for parsing XML.

SAXPath is currently in use in the dom4j project, and is one of several emerging proposed APIs for handling XPath.

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Re: SAXPath Java API for XPath parsing (Robin Berjon - 18:53, 2 Aug 2001)

Well, not everything is Java so a common spec could help. Plus, one might want to do more with XPath than Xalan allows you to.

Re: SAXPath Java API for XPath parsing (me - 15:57, 30 Jul 2001)

why is this needed? how is it better than Xalan?

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