Comparing SVG with Flash
09:44, 18 Jul 2001 UTC | Edd Dumbill

Andreas Neumann has drawn up a table giving a feature-for-feature comparison between SVG and Macromedia's Flash technology.

Neumann posted his table to the svg-developers mailing list, drawing comments from list members, and also news of other such comparisons.

Jean Haney pointed to Square One's visual comparison between SVG, CGM and Flash.

BitFlash have also made available a table showing demos and comparisons of support for SVG in mobile devices.

  • In other SVG news, a new build of SVG-enabled Mozilla is available from Alex Fritze. Fritze has a Windows snapshot available for download, with MathML and SVG support.
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Re: Comparing SVG with Flash (Flashman - 14:46, 30 Apr 2003)
Check out Corel Smart Graphics Studio at
Re: Comparing SVG with Flash (Axxackall - 20:20, 20 Apr 2003)
Good comparison. Technologically SVG is much more advanced and it's much more convinient for web-dev ...
Re: Comparing SVG with Flash (Eric Mauro - 04:02, 24 Aug 2001)
I thought the graphics tool companies had agreed to eventually adapt their tools to create for svg o ...
Re: Comparing SVG with Flash (Thomas Yip - 04:00, 21 Jul 2001)
That's certainly a neat comparison, very clear.

I agreed Robert that "Comparing SVG with SWF form ...
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