GNOME XSLT library released
21:34, 10 Jul 2001 UTC | Edd Dumbill

Daniel Veillard, the maintainer of libxslt, the GNOME XSLT library, has announced its first stable release, version 1.0.0.

Veillard, who earlier this year moved from the W3C to Red Hat, has been working on libxslt, along with libxml, for some time. He describes the XSLT processor:

Libxslt is believed to implement all the XSLT-1.0 constructs, support a few "common" extensions and provide an extension framework. It also includes a simple to use command line interface 'xsltproc' with an XSLT profiler.

Libxslt is open source, available under LGPL or a license similar to the W3C IPR license. Veillard reports that it works on Linux, BSD and Solaris, with some efforts being made to build it on Microsoft platforms. The library itself is written in C.

The software can be downloaded as source or RPMs from xmlsoft.org. Anecdotal evidence from the community at large suggests that libxslt performs well, and favorably in comparison to Microsoft's XSLT processor, which is noted for its speed.

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