RDFStore 0.4
09:49, 27 Jun 2001 UTC | Edd Dumbill

Alberto Reggiori has released a major update to his Perl framework for managing RDF databases, RDFStore.

Changes in this major release include:

  • Updated SiRPAC RDF parser to latest W3C Java version
  • DBMS now runs on Linux using db1.85 compatibility API
  • New in-memory and SDBM storage support
  • Added file locking for DB_File and SDBM
  • Berkeley DB and DBMS support made optional
  • Perl API now conforms to latest Stanford RDF API Draft

Reggiori writes:

This version fixed a lot of bugs and inconsistencies in the original code. Now RDFStore can run either in-memory, local or remote on-disk storages. Perl ActiveState win32 users should be able to get minimum storage support via the SDBM library. Linux users can start to experiment with the DBMS TCP/IP storage daemon distributed with the package. SiRPAC based applications should benefit of the latest bug fixing and updates from W3C site.

RDFStore can be downloaded either from the project home page or CPAN. A demonstration site is now online.

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