A RELAX NG schema for W3C XML Schema
11:02, 21 Jun 2001 UTC | Eric van der Vlist

Jeni Tennison has announced a documented RELAX NG schema for W3C XML Schema.

Tennison presents her work as a showcase for RELAX NG as well as a test case to compare both languages:

I think that the XML Schema vocabulary is quite a neat showcase for RELAX NG because there are so many co-dependencies between attributes and between attributes and elements. This RELAX NG schema follows the XML Schema for XML Schema to a certain extent (using the same kind of naming scheme) to facilitate comparison between the two. I have also added comments about the ease with which the two handle different aspects of the vocabulary.

Several such restrictions involving co-dependencies which are possible to express with RELAX NG and impossible to capture with W3C XML Schema are documented.

The wildcards (any and anyAttributes) are easier to describe with W3C XML Schema than with RELAX NG .

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