Note addresses junction of style, linking
15:29, 10 Jun 2001 UTC | Simon St.Laurent

XML Linking and Style , created by an "XML Linking/XSL joint task force", addresses the "interaction of XLink linking elements and styling."

This note:

"This note introduces a conceptual model for describing the interactions of XLink linking elements and styling....The full generality of the conceptual model cannot be represented with current Recommendations. Rather than attempt to restrict the model, we observe that by accepting default values for parts of the model, a useful, practical subset can be implemented today."

The conceptual model appears to have been built with XSLT in mind, not CSS, but its design principles do require that "this model must apply equally well to XSL and CSS."

The Note includes a non-normative appendix describing proposed changes to XSLT to make it a friendlier environment for link processing.

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