SMIL 2.0 reaches Proposed Recommendation
13:53, 8 Jun 2001 UTC | Simon St.Laurent

Skipping Candiate Recommendation, Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language (SMIL) 2.0 is now a Proposed Recommendatiom.

SMIL, an XML vocabulary for describing multimedia, is designed to integrate smoothly with XHTML and SVG by building on XHTML Modularization. The current draft has left the integration profile for XHTML to a separate draft.

Although SMIL 2.0 has skipped Candidate Recommendation, it comes with implementation experience reports which build on a test suite.

A list of changes from the previous Working Draft is available, as is a list of intellectual property issues.

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Re: SMIL 2.0 reaches Proposed Recommendation (Rob Lanphier - 01:22, 11 Jun 2001)
That's not true. One can use the HTML object/embed tag to create SMIL regions in an HTML page, and ...
Re: SMIL 2.0 reaches Proposed Recommendation (Rodney Reid - 21:07, 9 Jun 2001)
This is good news for media players (real, wmp) and SVG, but without SMIL 2.0 in xHTML it isn't muc ...
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