New DOM 3 Core, Abstract Schemas and Load and Save
13:52, 8 Jun 2001 UTC | Simon St.Laurent

The W3C has published new Working Drafts of DOM Level 3 Core and Abstract Schema and Load and Save.

The new draft of the DOM Level 3 Core includes new appendices for changes between the levels, accessing code point boundaries, and acknowledgments, as well as a glossary.

The non-normative appendix on accessing code point boundaries deals with conflicts between the DOM's use of UTF-16 code units and specifications like XPath's use of Unicode code points:

"While indexing by code points as opposed to code units is not common in programs, some specifications such as XPath (and therefore XSLT and XPointer) use code point indices. For interfacing with such formats it is recommended that the programming language provide string processing methods for converting code point indices to code unit indices and back."

The Abstract Schema and Load and Save draft has undergone a name change from Content Models and Load and Save. The functionality provided by the Abstract Schemas module supports more than simple validation:

"This module provides a representation for XML abstract schemas, e.g., DTDs and XML Schemas, together with operations on the abstract schemas, and how such information within the abstract schemas could be applied to XML documents used in both the document-editing and AS-editing worlds. It also provides additional tests for well-formedness of XML documents, including Namespace well-formedness."

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