New drafts for URI processing on DNS
15:01, 4 Jun 2001 UTC | Simon St.Laurent

The IETF released two new drafts of A DDDS Database Using The Domain Name System and Assignment Procedures for the URI Resolution using DNS.

These drafts build on Dynamic Delegation Discovery System (DDDS) and DDDS-based URI resolution. DDDS provides:

"an abstract algorithm for applying dynamically retrieved string transformation rules to an application-unique string. Well-formed transformation rules will reflect the delegation of management of information associated with the string. Other documents specify applications and rule databases with which this algorithm may be used."

These drafts focus on implementing DDDS with the existing DNS infrastructure:

"This document describes a Dynamic Delegation Discovery System Database using the Domain Name System as a distributed database of Rules. The Keys are domain-names and the Rules are encoded using the NAPTR Resource Record."

For XML, DDDS implementation could provide additional information URIs, used in RDF, XML namespaces, and XLink. Where only a small minority of URIs (notably http and ftp) currently have resolable connections to entity bodies, DDDS offers an opportunity to make additional information about all kinds of URIs available.

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