4EXSLT, Saxon implement EXSLT
20:35, 8 May 2001 UTC | Simon St.Laurent

Uche Ogbuji announced the release of 4EXSLT, an implementation of the EXSLT collection of extensions to XSLT, and Michael Kay followed up with an announcement of a Saxon implementation.

EXSLT includes four modules: common, math, sets and functions. 4EXSLT "implements the entire initial collection of EXSLT functions and elements for the 4XSLT processor."

4EXSLT, written in Python, is an "alpha release", but is easily integrated with the larger 4Suite package:

"I intend to bundle these extensions into 4Suite 0.11.1, but right now it's really easy to use this add-on package with 4Suite 0.11."

Michael Kay announced late but released early:

"Actually I beat you by about 48 hours: EXSLT is available in Saxon 6.3."

Saxon 6.3 supports the same four modules. While "the Saxon versions of the functions remain available, for the time being, the EXSLT versions are preferred."

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