00:59, 25 Apr 2001 UTC | Simon St.Laurent

Jonathan Borden announced an update to XMTP, 2.0, which represents MIME-encoded content as XML or RDF.

XMTP, the XML MIME Transformation Protocol (formerly the eXtensible Mail Transport Protocol), provides a mapping which gives developers more control over processing of MIME-encoded messages:

"XMTP implements an XML Grove for MIME, where the result of parsing a MIME document is a logical XML structure (otherwise known as an Infoset). The java project referenced above implements an XML Grove for MIME by parsing a MIME character stream into a SAX event stream, which is one of the incarnations of an XML Grove."

The documentation for XMTP is provided as a RDDL document at the namespace URI http://www.openhealth.org/xmtp#. Apart from the new application of RDDL, changes are relatively minor:

"The mapping has been slightly modified to make it RDF 1.0 compliant (this was a relatively small modification)."

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Re: XMTP maps MIME to XML (Eric van der Vlist - 09:21, 8 May 2001)
It could be very usefull for email archives.

Storing emails as XML documents would IMHO be much m ...
Re: XMTP maps MIME to XML (nobody - 23:42, 7 May 2001)
Wow, this looks pretty useless.

I guess it lets you put MIME messages in an XML document, and kn ...
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