CSS2 selector demonstrator
09:45, 18 Apr 2001 UTC | Edd Dumbill

Eric Meyer has announced SelectORacle, a tool that takes CSS2 selectors and explains them in English.

The tool will take a term such as div>h1+*#text a[title~="W3C"][class="external"]:visited:hover and translate it into its equivalent in prose:

Selects any a element with a title attribute with a value that contains the word W3C, a class attribute with the exact value external, whose target has been visited and which is in a hover state that is a descendant of any element with an id attribute with a value of text that follows a h1 element that is a child of a div element.

Selectors can be input delimited by semicolons, or as part of entire stylesheets, or URLs for external CSS files can be entered.

Further notes and plans for future development can be found on the selectoracle entry page.

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