RDF Calendaring list gets underway
18:22, 11 Apr 2001 UTC | Edd Dumbill

A new W3C mailing list has been created for those interested in the use of RDF in calendaring and scheduling scenarios.

The list has been created in response to the widespread interest and embryonic work on calendaring in the RDF community. Announcing the list, Dan Brickley described its scope:

Use www-rdf-calendar for detailed technical discussion of systems, vocabulary and scenarios relating to the use of RDF and XML with calendaring and scheduling tools on the Web. Please try to avoid crossposts with the other RDF lists. The focus of the list is on practical implementation work (testbeds, prototypes, collaborative development), although theoretical work (eg. on representations for events, time-periods etc) in RDF, XML, DAML etc. is in scope.

To subscribe, sent the word "subscribe" in the subject of a mail to www-rdf-calendar-request@w3.org.

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