New XForms requirements
18:03, 4 Apr 2001 UTC | Simon St.Laurent

The W3C has released a new draft of the XForms Requirements. The new draft is mostly a relatively minor restructuring of its predecessor, but there are a few deletions, moves, and two additions.

In the previous version, Section 2.9, "Modular Construction", stated that:

"Since smaller specifications are both easier to understand and easier to implement, XForms should be defined as modular, self-contained documents that can be independently brought to Recommendation status."

That section has been entirely removed.

Content regarding the use of XForms for HTTP authentication has moved from the normative Section 3.8 to the non-normative section 5.8. Section 3.9, "Saving and Resuming", has similarly moved to Section 5.9 in the new draft.

Additions include a change in Section 4.1 from:

"Every form of user interaction defined in HTML 4 forms should be possible with XForms.


"Every form of user interaction defined and commonly implemented in HTML 4 forms should be possible with XForms.

A new section, "Region Independence", adds internationalization concerns to the requirements.

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