PyTREX: Python implementation of TREX
08:07, 15 Mar 2001 UTC | Michael Smith

James Tauber continues work on PyTREX, the open-source, "clean room" Python implementation of James Clark's TREX validation language that he recently announced.

Comments in the latest version of the code (which is browsable via a CVSweb interface at SourceForge) indicate that PyTREX now supports "pretty much everything" discussed in sections 1-8 of Clark's TREX tutorial, with support for section 9 in the works. The comments also indicate that the following items are not yet supported:

Tauber welcomes bug reports:

If you find bugs, email the TREX file and instance you used and I'll both fix the bug and (with your permission) add the files to the test suite.

Specific comments on PyTREX should be directed to Tauber <>. General comments about TREX should be e-mailed to the TREX public comment list <>.

(Note: Tauber is an xmlhack contributing editor; the author, Michael Smith, is a member of the TREX technical committee at OASIS.)

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