4Suite Server, 4Suite tools updated
02:03, 21 Feb 2001 UTC | Michael Smith

Uche Ogbuji has announced a new (version 0.10.2) release of the Python-based, open-source 4Suite Server and the 4Suite collection of XML tools.

The 4Suite site describes 4Suite Server as "a framework for XML services", not meant to stand alone as an application server, but instead to "work closely with other application server technology". The term 4Suite is used alone (without the word Server) as the collective name for a set of Python tools that provide support for "XML parsing, several transient and persistent DOM implementations, XPath expressions, XPointer, XSLT transforms, XLink, RDF and ODMG object databases".

Windows and Linux binaries, RPMs, and source code for both 4Suite Server and the 4Suite tools are available from the download page at the 4Suite site.

Other than bug fixes, changes in version 0.10.2 of 4Suite Server include:

Changes in the version 0.10.2 of the 4Suite tools include:

Discussion of 4Suite Server and the 4Suite tools takes place on the 4suite mailing list. Commercial support is available from Fourthought.

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