PSGML mode for Emacs: v1.2.2 released
22:36, 13 Feb 2001 UTC | Michael Smith

Lennart Staflin has announced the release of v1.2.2 of PSGML, an Emacs major mode for editing XML and SGML documents.

Version 1.2.2 is a bug-fix release, available for download at the PSGML download site at Sourceforge. Unfortunately, neither the changelog nor readme file in the distribution provides any details about what bug fixes it includes.

This release follows an announcement from Staflin back in October that he would be moving the PSGML source to Sourceforge and, after a putting out one or two bug-fix releases, "inviting others to take an active part in the future development" of the application.

Emacs/PSGML is widely used in the XML development community, is the editor of choice for many open-source documentation projects, and is a key component of most of open-source XML/SGML integrated authoring packages, including the Debian task-sgml package, the docbook-tools package (RPMs), Paul Kinnucan's XAE, and of the editing solution outlined by Markus Hoenicka in his widely used SGML for NT tutorial.

PSGML developer discussion takes place on the psgml-devel list. User discussion takes place on the psgml-user list. You can find subscription information and archives for both lists at the PSGML site at Sourceforge.

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