Last Call Working Draft for W3C CSS selectors
09:27, 30 Jan 2001 UTC | Eric van der Vlist

The W3C has announced a Last Call Working Draft for "CSS3 module: W3C selectors", a specification describing selectors that could be used by "other languages that may need them".

Although the new document doesn't include any history section, it may be noted that some of the additions suggested after the previous draft have been included.

Commenting on this Working Draft, Robin Berjon has proposed the unification of XPath, selectors and XQuery:

I know that there are differences (for instance XPath would know nothing of :hover for instance) but there are also common elements. It would be nice if implementers could create a selector API that could be driven likewise by various syntaxes. That way you just have to plug in a parser for the syntax, and voila ! you can start selecting out of a DOM tree.

The Last Call period will end on March 1st.

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