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Announcing Planet XMLhack
[14:23, 30 Sep 2004 UTC | Edd Dumbill]

Although we don't have time to write XMLhack stories at the moment, we're pleased to announce the launch of a new service, Planet XMLhack, aggregating weblogs of the XML developer community.

Planet XMLhack has been set up following the success of Planet RDF, and a variety of other development-community focused aggregations such as Planet GNOME.

The weblogs are chosen to have a reasonable technical content, but because this is as much about the community as it is about the tech, expect the usual personal ramblings and digressions as well. In short, Planet XMLhack's for you if you enjoy being around people from the XML community.

Over time more members will be added in. Suggestions are welcome, sent to Edd Dumbill, but the editor's discretion is final and ultimately, unfair.

Planet XMLhack has been produced using the following tools: Mark Pilgrim's RSS feed parser, Dave Beckett's Redland RDF toolkit, and Dave Raggett's HTML Tidy. Through various devious means we coerce the mess of public RSS into usable RSS 1.0. The site's spider checks each RSS file once every hour.

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