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That's all for now
[08:54, 17 May 2004 UTC | Edd Dumbill]

It's been a lot of fun writing XMLhack since 1999, but it's time for us to take a rest.

XMLhack has always been run by volunteers writing in their spare time, and now most of us have so little of that precious commodity it's infeasible to keep the site going at anything like the rate we want it to be.

As editor, I'd like to extend my grateful thanks to all the contributors over time, a list of whom you can see on the contributors page. My special thanks go to Simon St.Laurent, my co-conspirator from the start.

I would also like to thank XMLhack's readers, whose involvement has been crucial over the years. You never did tell us who Pope32767 was, but we'll forgive you that.

Finally, some words about the future. Firstly, coverage of XML is not dead! XML.com continues as strong as ever, with the new addition of XML bloggers to its front page hopefully going some way to make up for the lack of XMLhack.

Secondly, drinking from the fountain of Berners-Leesian wisdom I note that cool URIs don't change. Every endeavour will be made to keep XMLhack content online at the same URLs for the foreseeable future.

And thirdly, never say never. We may return.


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