SOAP 1.1 published, may be W3C Note
21:34, 26 Apr 2000 UTC | Edd Dumbill

Adding representatives from Lotus and IBM to the list of authors from Microsoft, Userland and DevelopMentor, SOAP 1.1 has been published. Given the formatting of the Userland version of the spec (changed since this article was first posted! -- E.D.) it seems likely that SOAP is being submitted to the W3C as a Note.

It is as yet unclear as to whether this means SOAP will still be pursued as an Internet Draft with the IETF. Given the current W3C investigation into XML protocols, it seems that SOAP may well be an influential input if the W3C proceeds to set up an XML Protocols Activity.

The SOAP document has been rewritten since the November 1999 IETF draft, making it easier to read. No formal list of changes since SOAP 1.0 has been published, but one notable difference is the use of two separate namespaces for the SOAP Envelope and the SOAP Encoding (XML serialization).

This would presumably enable the encoding scheme (previously known as "Section 8" from the Internet Draft) to be reused in other situations or protocols -- furthermore the spec indicates that third party encoding schemes can be used in SOAP messages.

  • Dave Winer of Userland has set up a SOAP weblog, with the mission "Learn about and deploy applications for SOAP 1.1". The SOAP weblog will also feature a discussion group and email bulletins.

  • Microsoft have issued a press release about SOAP 1.1. They highlight that the latest version "disconnects" SOAP from HTTP and explicitly mention its use over other transports.

  • The SOAP WebServices Resource Center site has posted a demonstration interface for SOAP 1.1.

  • IBM's statement on SOAP 1.1:

    ... one reason we released this specification today was to ensure its availability in advance of the panel discussion on messaging to be hosted by the W3C at the WWW9 Conference in Amsterdam this May

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