Busy Week at the W3C
10:20, 2 Mar 2000 UTC | Leigh Dodds

The W3C Style Activity group has released a new Working Draft of XSL. This week has also seen the release of new drafts from the XML Signature and Mobile Access Working Groups.

The new XSL draft is the second to be released this year. This marks an increase in efforts after the lull in progress in 1999 whilst the XPath and XSLT specs were finalised.

The XML-Signature specification outlines digital signature processing rules and syntax. The new draft sees the entry of the specification into Last Call status which is due to end on 27th March.

The Mobile Access Working Group has published a Working Draft which outlines the requirements and architecture for the Composite Capabilities/Preference Profiles framework. The framework defines how a mobile device can negotiate with a server to receive content suitable for display by the device.

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