XSL Formatting Objects reach Recommendation
01:27, 17 Oct 2001 UTC | Simon St.Laurent

The W3C has released Extensible Stylesheet Language Version 1.0 as a Recommendation, supplementing XSL Transformations (XSLT) with a target vocabulary of formatting objects.

Extensible Stylesheet Language completes the first version of the stylesheet project that published its first W3C Working Draft in August 1998. XSLT became a separate specification when it became clear that XSLT had uses beyond its initial application of print formatting with XSL formatting objects.

The XSL Recommendation refers to XSLT, and incorporates it by reference. The XSL Recommendation itself primarily defines an XML vocabulary of formatting objects, which are designed to be the result of an XSLT transformation converting an XML document into a print layout.

An appendix lists the few changes since the Proposed Recommendation.

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