SVG update
10:11, 5 Jul 2001 UTC | Edd Dumbill

Recent developments in SVG software include the Sphinx graphics editor, DOM graphing in SVG and many new samples and explanations on Adobe's new SVG site.

Sphinx SVG 1.1, commercial software from in-GmbH, is available as a trial download (saving and printing disabled, but SVG export enabled). It is a full featured graphical editor, and also supports the creation of dynamic SVG through scripting. SVG is available as an export file format. The editor also supports export to PNG+HTML, and with an add-on will import DXF CAD files.

Kevin Lindsey has announced an SVG sample application which draws the DOM graph of an SVG document as a tree.

Michael Bierman of Adobe has announced Adobe's new SVG Zone. The new site includes:

  • Five new demonstration applications: SVG Building search, SVG Draw, Fluent Theatre ticket purchase, Charts and Graphs, Reflections.
  • Explanations of each application targeted to Designers and Developers
  • 15 new Developer "samples"
  • Improved SVG Overview
  • Additional "SVG Community," links to SVG sites

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